Server Plugins

MAVSDK Server plugins are used to expose MAVLink services on non-MAVLink flight stacks, companions computers, cameras, gimbals and other components.

The plugins listen for commands from a ground station or other MAVLink client, pass them to the underlying native system using callbacks, and respond as needed.

They are called "server" plugins because they perform the server role in communication - listening for commands and responding. The client role is usually performed by a ground station (or "ordinary" MAVSDK plugin)

Adding MAVLink support to your vehicle is as simple as instantiating the required server plugin and actioning the vehicle on the appropriate callback.


The Autopilot Server example uses many different MAVSDK server plugins to replicate a simple vehicle and autopilot system, with telemetry, mission handling, parameters and more.


The plugins developed specifically for this case are usually suffixed with Server, e.g.:

These server plugins can potentially also be used to test the "client" plugins of MAVSDK in the future. The Autopilot Server example uses multiple MAVSDK instances in this way.

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