Make MAVSDK Release

These are the instructions on how to get a release out the door.

The idea is of course to automate this as much as possible!


  1. Check if all open pull requests are merged that need to go in.
  2. Check that CI on main passed.
  3. Create tag in main:
    git switch main
    git pull
    git tag vX.Y.Z
    git push origin vX.Y.Z
    • Generate changelog using tools/ --token TOKEN_FROM_GITHUB --verbose --tag vX.Y.Z.
    • If it finds old/wrong PRs, wait a bit or create the release from the tag in the GitHub UI.
    • Once it finds the correct PRs it will check all of them for labels. Make sure all merged PRs have sensible labels (e.g. enhancement, bug, or feature).
    • Copy the changelog text to the release.
  4. Check later if all artifacts have been uploaded correctly to the release.
  5. Update the Arch AUR repository. This depends on the AUR maintainter's credentials (currently julianoes).
    • Use the repo: ssh://
    • Bump the version in pkgver=X.Y.Z.
    • Check PKGBUILD: namcap PKGBUILD.
    • Try to make pkg: makepkg.
    • Update .SRCINFO: makepkg --printsrcinfo > .SRCINFO.
    • Commit and push.
  6. Update the brew repo. Steps for macOS:
    • brew bump-formula-pr mavsdk --tag=vX.Y.Z --revision=<GIT HASH>
    • This should then open the browser with the pull request already created.

MAVSDK-docs part

  1. Generate the docs and update the reference docs.
  2. Check or update the examples in the docs.
  3. Create a branch off main for the release
    • Create the branch
      git switch main
      git pull
      git switch -c vX.Y
    • Modify book.json in the vX.Y branch to change the value of github_branch to match the new branch: "github_branch": "vX.Y"
    • Push the branch to the upstream repo
      git push origin vX.Y
  4. Add the branch to the version checker in main branch book.json (see pattern below versions).


  1. Post a note on Slack #mavsdk.
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