VTOL Support

MAVSDK has only basic support for VTOL vehicles. VTOL waypoint missions are only supported using the MissionRaw plugin.

Most design and test effort has gone into multicopter support. Get in touch if you would like to help enhance the VTOL/Fixed-wing experience!

Supported Functionality

Much of the functionality in MAVSDK is generic, and useful on all vehicle types. At time of writing the only VTOL-specific functionality are the actions to transition between fixed wing and copter modes.

MAVSDK can be used to command VTOL vehicles to:

  • Take off and land in multicopter mode.
  • Fly in multicopter mode and transition to fly in fixed wing mode.
  • Use the camera/gimbal and other generic features.

Remaining Work

Known omissions:

  • You can't include the transition to/from fixed wing in the mission itself, but have to use the transition actions.
  • VTOL takeoff in fixed wing mode is not supported.
  • VTOL specific testing needs to be considered and implemented.

Further Information

Additional information/examples are linked below:

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