mavsdk::Telemetry::GpsGlobalOrigin Struct Reference

#include: telemetry.h

Gps global origin type.

Data Fields

double latitude_deg {double(NAN)} - Latitude of the origin.

double longitude_deg {double(NAN)} - Longitude of the origin.

float altitude_m {float(NAN)} - Altitude AMSL (above mean sea level) in metres.

Field Documentation


double mavsdk::Telemetry::GpsGlobalOrigin::latitude_deg {double(NAN)}

Latitude of the origin.


double mavsdk::Telemetry::GpsGlobalOrigin::longitude_deg {double(NAN)}

Longitude of the origin.


float mavsdk::Telemetry::GpsGlobalOrigin::altitude_m {float(NAN)}

Altitude AMSL (above mean sea level) in metres.

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