SDK Extensions

The MAVSDK can be extended with plugins and tests that are defined "out of tree". This enables developers to manage custom code in a separate repository (reducing git conflicts).

Extensions are defined in a parallel tree that mirrors the SDK source code structure. Extension plugins and tests are exactly the same as "standard" SDK plugins and tests.

Folder Structure

The extension folder mirrors the SDK source tree, and must contain the folders integration_tests and plugins. The plugin folder contains appropriately named sub-folders for each plugin (along with its unit test code).

A simplified view of a "typical" extension directory is shown below (in this case named "SDK_Extensions").

│   ├── core
│   ├── integration_tests
│   └── plugins
│       ├── action
│       ├── ...
│       └── telemetry
├── SDK_Extensions
│   ├── integration_tests
│   └── plugins
│       ├── camera
│       ├── another_plugin
│       └── etc.

Create an SDK Extension Library

To create a new C++ MAVSDK Extension Library, first copy MAVSDK/src/external_example to the same folder level as the MAVSDK directory. Then rename the top level folder as desired.

The external_example contains a single integration test (hello_world.cpp) and a single plugin (/example) with a separate implementation file and a stub unit test file.

├── integration_tests
│   ├── CMakeLists.txt
│   └── hello_world.cpp
└── plugins
    └── example
        ├── CMakeLists.txt
        ├── example.cpp
        ├── example.h
        ├── example_impl.cpp
        ├── example_impl.h
        └── example_impl_test.cpp

Adding/Modifying Plugins

Plugins in extension libraries are exactly the same as "normal" SDK plugins (except that they are located in the extension "plugins" folder rather than under MAVSDK).

Writing Plugins explains how to write or modify plugins.

To create a new plugin you can either copy and modify an existing SDK plugin or start from the example plugin shown above.


Tests in extension libraries are written in exactly the same as "normal" SDK plugin tests.

The only difference is that all external tests should be compiled into their own "test runner". The test runner for the "external example" is defined in /integration_tests/CMakeLists.txt (named external_example_integration_tests_runner).

Testing explains how to run (and write) unit and integration tests.


To build the MAVSDK so that it includes the extension library, specify the top level directory EXTERNAL_DIR in the make command (only one external directory can be specified).

To build and install a parallel folder named SDK_Extensions you would enter (from within the MAVSDK directory):

make clean   # This is required!
make default EXTERNAL_DIR=../SDK_Extensions
sudo make default install   # sudo needed to install files into system directories.

You can test this by copying the MAVSDK/src/external_example directory as a peer of MAVSDK and renaming it to SDK_Extensions.

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