mavsdk::Telemetry::StatusText Struct Reference

#include: telemetry.h

Status Text information type.

Public Types

Type Description
enum StatusType Status Types.

Data Fields

enum mavsdk::Telemetry::StatusText::StatusType type - Message type.

std::string text - Mavlink status message.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum StatusType

Status Types.

PX4 only supports these 3 status types. If other status types are returned for some reason, they will be marked as INFO type and logged as a warning.

Value Description
INFO Message type is an information or other.
WARNING Message type is a warning.
CRITICAL Message type is critical.

Field Documentation


enum mavsdk::Telemetry::StatusText::StatusType  mavsdk::Telemetry::StatusText::type

Message type.


std::string mavsdk::Telemetry::StatusText::text

Mavlink status message.

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