mavsdk::Telemetry::ActuatorControlTarget Struct Reference

#include: telemetry.h

The vehicle actuator's rate control type.

An actuator's control group is e.g. attitude, for the core flight controls, or gimbal for payload. For more information about PX4 groups, check out

Actuator controls normed to -1..+1 where 0 is neutral position. Throttle for single rotation direction motors is 0..1, negative range for reverse direction.

For more information about controls, check out

Data Fields

uint8_t group - Actuator group.

float controls - Actuator controls.

Field Documentation


uint8_t mavsdk::Telemetry::ActuatorControlTarget::group

Actuator group.


float mavsdk::Telemetry::ActuatorControlTarget::controls[8]

Actuator controls.

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